MY BIG NIGHT, Javier Villabrille


My big night, Javier Villabrille

My Big Night includes a series of landscapes taken from Google Maps, which play with a strange ambivalence where nothing is what it seems. The reader travels through beaches, mountains, deserts… but also goes to industrial estates, dark alleys and cemeteries.

This tour, sometimes romantic, sometimes sordid, actually hides locations, experiences and recommendations for having sex in public places. A unique leisure guide in which we have all seen ourselves reflected at some point in our lives.

The title (My big night) is taken from Raphael’s song of the same name, whose first lines perfectly summarize the essence of the project.

Today is a special day for me because I will go out at night.

I will be able to live what the world gives us when the sun already hides.

I will be able to sing a sweet song in the moonlight.

And caress and kiss my love like I never did.

Limited edition of 25 copies

Javier Villabrille is a journalist and focuses his activity on television news and other audiovisual content. In his most personal facet, as an author, his work reflects on the different meanings that common settings and landscapes can acquire, as well as the use made of them by the people who pass through them.

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by Javier Villabrille

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Author: Javier Villabrille
Concept and design: Javier Villabrille
Edition supervised by Rosa Isabel Vázquez
Preprint: Jose Antonio Fernández
Archive and documentation: Internet
First edition, 2023
Publisher: Muertedero
Printed in Madrid (Spain)
ISBN: 978-84-122176-6-7


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