Potato head, Rosa Isabel Vazquez


Potato head, Rosa Isabel Vázquez

Rosa Isabel Vázquez builds a sensory and immersive story based on a personal experience in which, after an important dramatic situation, two autoimmune diseases awaken in her and her health begins to deteriorate. Over time, she realizes that her state of mind profoundly affects her physical state, and upon investigation, she discovers that there is a medical basis to it all, leading her to make life decisions that radically change her existence.

Potato head proposes an original journey through the recesses of our mind, a trip that takes us through a universe of shadows, of images that gradually reveal themselves as fragments of a higher entity. In the end, everything unexpectedly makes sense, although it must be the reader who solves this little puzzle in which there is no single solution.

To materialize the images of this interdisciplinary project, Rosa Isabel submerged herself in various experimental processes that led her to create ephemeral drawings on potatoes, in which photography and video became the tools to allow them to live on.

The very particular construction of this book, based on the zigzag folding of a large printed sheet, means that it has multiple readings, so the pdf includes different routes through its pages. These pages can be displayed individually or grouped in different ways. Therefore, each viewing is different and creates a new experience.

Copies numbered and signed by the author. Possibility of dedication (indicate in the purchase process).

*The default shipping cost (3 euro) is applicable only to shipments to mainland Spain. For shipments to the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and other countries, it is necessary to consult the cost before ordering. Thank you so much.

Limited edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed.

*Winner of the Belfast Photo Festival 2023. Selected in the Art Book Festival of L’Hospitalet (Spain). Finalist (for the moment) in the PhotoEspaña Best Photography Book of the Year Award.

Publisher: Muertedero
Spain, 2022

34 disponibles


by Rosa Isabel Vázquez

(Consult cost for shipments outside Spain)

Publisher: Muertedero
Images and texts: Rosa Isabel Vázquez
Concept, design and edition: Rosa Isabel Vázquez
Text design and layout: José A. Herranz
Preprint: José Quintanilla
Printing: Grafilur (Spain)
Spain, 2022
Size: 10.8 x 16.2cm
English Language
Limited edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed.

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